Maxchic Women’s Wool-blended Pastel V Striped Sweater Dress Q04784D12M


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Product Name Maxchic Women’s Wool-blend Fine Knits Pastel V-lined Stripes Sweater Dress Q04784D12M Product Infomation 1. Contrast Color stripes printed pattern , be classy and yet naughty, particular and uncommon 2. Contrast Color is always in fashion, 100% eye-catching 3. Trendy and novel,lead the tide 4. Collect quality fabric, soft feeling, rich luster and elasticity 5. Superior quality fit, top crafts and elaborate design About Maxchic Italian fashion brand Maxchic has been built for more than 20 years. The clothes of Maxchic also is known for elegance, simplicity and fineness. The notable examples of such top techniques are the woolen or cashmere knee-length sweater dress and sheepskin jacket, trimmed and decorated with fox fur, mink fur and racoon fur on down coat. On the premise of a deep understanding from western cultures and trends, Maxchic combines Italian style with European and American fashion well, and strives to make perfect blend of colors, materials and design. Creating their own dressing style specially for able women who pursue careers and love social life.


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