Maxchic Cotton-blend V-neck Faux Two-piece Knit Sweater Dress Q42030C10M


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Product Description

1.The most popular design with mixed knitwear this season, imported western chiffon combined with Chinese top fabric to interpret elegance, emphasis on women’s mature and independence. 2.This sweater dress with chiffon hand-made flower in the collar looks more exquisite. every flower is so light and elegant. dotted with imported Yakeli stones with high brightness look shining. 3.Irregular hand-made beads sort on one side of the bust, enhance sexy appeals by the neckline, gain a lot of woman’s natural allure. 5.Enveloped some romance of the French lady around the dress. the lining of the dress fits comfortable. The most popular design is mixed knitwear this season About Maxchic In 1997, Glamchic Fashion Group founded brand Maxchic. The design team is full of young architects, Japan renowned photography artist, Milan fashion magazine editor under the leadership of Andy Tam,Brand pursuit in practicality, the overall harmony and succinct style. The brand DNA comes from Italy and European culture, not only featured in Japanese, European first-class fabric manufacturers, but will also thinking through cutting, modeling, the use of color, in every fashion, forming a unique brand fashion language. Love life, love design, love fashion, love Maxchic. Maxchic is coming, Where are you?


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